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Summer Borscht

I’m so delinquent! Apologies for the absence, friends. Things happened. Like Flora-Bama happened. You understand.

If this blog has done anything, it’s rekindle my obsession with my family’s recipes. In particular, my grandmother’s recipes. She made the most amazing Polish and Lithuanian food, and I wish I had taken more of an interest in cooking when she was still around to learn her secrets! One of my personal favorites was her Lithuanian borscht – cold beet soup.


I recreate my grandmother’s borscht often, especially in the summer. It’s a beautiful, cold soup that’s refreshing and light during the warmer months. Though it requires very few ingredients, the sweet and crunchy result is oh-so-satisfying and extremely addicting. You can serve it as an appetizer (everyone will ooh and aah at the pretty pink color!) or as a filling main course alongside boiled potatoes.


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