Scenic City Road Trip – Chattanooga Part Two

As soon as we got back to the hotel, we changed into workout clothes before the doughnut coma could set in. We were off to Rock City! If you’ve ever driven from Atlanta to Chattanooga, surely you’ve been bombarded with the billboards for Rock City and Ruby Falls.

rock city chattanooga

I’m not sure how to explain exactly what Rock City is. A rock garden? A natural attraction enhanced by carved gnomes and terrifying suspended bridges? Either way, it was a fabulously fun tourist trap with beautiful views.

rock city lovers leap

You can see seven states from Lover’s Leap, an outlook offering fantastic panoramic views. The “hike” was less intense than I had anticipated, so I felt a bit silly in workout clothes, but it was reaaallly hot and I was happy to be comfortable.

We left without purchasing our posed photo upon entrance, but I did snag a blown glass Christmas ornament of the  “See Rock City” barn. The Christmas ornament addiction is real.

After a shower and a long nap, we cleaned up and headed out for dinner at TerraMae. Tucked away from busy main roads and attached to a charming guest hotel, TerraMae specializes in Appalachian fare and ingredients and true farm-to-table dining.

We were seated on an open air patio in the back of the restaurant with only one other table. After a round of delicious cocktails, we dove into the indulgent appetizers we had carefully selected.

terramae fried oysters pork belly

Crisphy shell point oysters with bacon BBQ sauce and bleu-celery relish and my favorite dish of the weekend, Surf & Swine: succulent butter-poached shrimp on top of crispy pork belly, nestled atop of bed of glorious tarragon creamed corn.

As we worked our way through our apps, we began chatting with an older couple seated at the table next to us. They were visiting from the Lake Oconee area of Georgia and were the sweetest folks! We swapped contact information at the end of dinner and plans are in the works to visit their farm for some canning and preserving lessons. I love strangers!

We talked so much throughout dinner that I forgot to take pictures of our entrees. I had a beautifully cooked beef tenderloin with green beans and mushrooms and Lou had some kind of fish special. Oops.

We woke up Sunday morning (still) full and happy, but I refused to leave Chattanooga without trying The Good Dog. As the name would indicate, The Good Dog is a hot dog restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you’re wondering what you eat at a hot dog restaurant for breakfast, the answer is this.

good dog

A mountain of frites, expertly layered with your choice of meat, condiment, topping, cheese, and a poached egg. I decided to go full-on heart attack and chose bratwurst, russian dressing, sauerkraut, and provolone. Dead.

TerraMae and The Good Dog are absolute must-trys if you find yourself in Chattanooga. I can’t wait to go back in the fall when the leaves are changing and it’s a bit cooler!

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